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        Super-fine Guanidine Nitrate  
        Cupric nitrate,basic  
        Super-fine cupric oxide  
        Ammonium Nitrate Phase stabilized  
        Guanidine Nitrate  
        Super-fine Calcium Carbonate  
        Calcium Carbonate  
        Super-fine Strontium Nitrate  
        High Purity Antimony Trisulfide  
        10# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  
        12# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  

         Ministry of Commerce  
         Coffer Alibaba  
        Engineering and Technology Center
        High tech enterprise certificate
        Quality management system certification
        Quality management system certification
        Certificate of New Product
        Patent of Invention
        Honor of Export
        Honor of Quality Management
        Honor of Good Project
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